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Providing sustainable education support to children in Laos!

In January 2010, liveGLOCAL was founded on the belief that every child deserves educational opportunity. To actualize this vision, we have been providing sustainable education support to children in Laos through co-investment & partnership strategies. As a non-profit organization which has had success providing 3300+ Laos children with primary education support, The liveGLOCAL Foundation created the project, LEAP: The Laos Education Advancement Project. LEAP is an extensive program that works with the Laos Government to foster education programs in selected schools on the Bolaven Plateau, Laos. The project aims to increase these schools access to educational resources such as clean drinking water, textbooks, notebooks, pens, and sports equipment, for children in need. All of these provisions and programs are completed through the Laos Government's approval process and then are administered by partnering with local villages, contractors and communities to assess and fulfill basic education needs.

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